Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Rock Star

Meet Rocky.

Portrait of Rocky by Banx

Rocky is my partner's niece's pup, a very happy lab of about 3yrs. We had the worst weather in Brisbane in a long time, where the longest drought in about eight years, turned into...

The Hot Gold Hush of Noon by Banx

the biggest floods, in I don't know how long!

Life's a Beach by Banx

Kaye's sister, Anne, told us via txt that the floods had swept through Rocky's en suite (he has the whole downstairs area to himself - more room than a dog can throw a stick at) anyway with very heavy rain on the way, we offered to look after him for the day. What a pleasure it was... it was me and my shadow, all day.

I painted in my studio and Rocky did what dogs do best, sat close in case I needed any help or needed to go for a spontaneous walk or anything... because you never know your luck !

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