Tuesday, 2 June 2009

New Artwork and Leaf Blowers

Red Bath Tub by Banx - Acrylic - 850 x 1000mm

Catwalk by Banx - 1200 x 900mm

and just for a bit of fun...

Art Work Ahead by Banx - Acrylic - 600 x 750mm

Also, like everyone, I have the occasional gripe! My latest, apart from the state of the world economy, dodgy council policies, the state of the road traffic control system i.e. traffic light synchronisation, etc., etc., etc., is the use of leaf blowers. We have a throughway under our bedroom window and every Wednesday morning, a man starts up a leaf blower and redistributes the leaves and dust there. Quite apart from the appalling noise, nothing really worthwhile is achieved by the practice, leaves are blown around a bit, and so is the dust, and five minutes after the man has left, everything returns to exactly as it was before he arrived. The only change being that I am now awake and cranky.

So here is my protest against the use of leaf blowers...

No Leaf Blowers by Banx - Acrylic on Canvas - 600 x 750mm

Mind you, I put up one of these signs a while back and talked to the man nicely about it and so far he hasn't returned.

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